Altus is an MGA using digital technologies to serve commercially owned residential property portfolios with new products at scale. Executed through a full function online underwriting, risk management and delivery platform supported by A-rated capacity providers.
Working in partnership with insureds and risk managers we identify inefficiencies in capital deployment and asset exposures and mitigate these with A-rated insurance solutions.

We create bespoke products designed and executed rapidly and delivered securely at scale.


To provide new and innovative insurtech products at scale to our US and internationally based property portfolio owners.

To add value to existing broker relationships by offering new and exciting products as a single market solution.

To continually strengthen our portfolio through real time actuarial analysis.

To provide profitable underwriting results to our carrier partners.

  • Innovation and Technology
  • A-rated capacity
  • Real time actuarial analysis and pricing


Underwriting comes first
Constant live monitoring of our portfolio allows for real time changes in underwriting pricing and strategy.
Remaining focused on our core portfolio, target clients and maintaining the highest standards.
Secure Scalability
Allowing our clients and broker partners to rapidly scale their portfolios.


Alistair Pickup

Alistair has enjoyed 25 years in the London and Bermudian insurance market specialising in the profitable underwriting and production of US and international property business, with considerable relationships with property owners, risk managers, US retail and UK wholesale brokers.

Maximilian Thurlow

Max has worked as a residential developer / investor in New York for 6-years. With extensive experience in the US and UK residential market. Max leads fund raising rounds and investor relations. Graduated Cass Business School in Real Estate (MSc).

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Altus – a Latin adjective meaning “High, Deep, Noble or Profound”